Enjoy Small Town Benefits With Homes For Sale In Calhan Co:
Once a late-1800’s outpost at the edge of the prairie and the start of the Wild West, the Calhan/Peyton area provides its inhabitants the comfort of a small town combined with the spaciousness of wide expanses.

Small Town With Lots of Land:

The Calhan area often interchangeably referred to as Peyton – is a quiet, rural area with a city population under a thousand. Yet you will still find diverse and educated inhabitants here who embrace both traditional and progressive values. Homes for sale in Calhan Co can range from newly developed suburban homes in close proximity to neighbors, to large plots of land with single-family homes. Small towns are wonderful places to raise a family, where people look out for one another away from the stress of larger-city issues that can leave a person feeling isolated or anonymous.

Some of the houses for sale in Calhan Co give you the opportunity to purchase large-plot. This is an excellent investment as you have tremendous flexibility with your land. You can develop it to suit your purposes. Perhaps you want to expand the size of the house by more than a thousand square feet. Or perhaps you want to add another structure, such as a barn or a guest house. Maybe your wish is to develop the land for agriculture or animals. Land is a limited commodity, so the more you own, the more you are able to do. If owning one of the homes for sale in Calhan Co is the American Dream then owning a home on a large plot of land can be several American Dreams rolled into one.

As for education, Calhan Public Schools are highly rated and offer a pupil-teacher ratio (on average) of 15-1, starkly better than many larger city public schools. The schools are also the center for many community activities where you’ll find locals meeting to cheer on the school football team.

Nearby Activities:

Of course, living in a small town does not mean that you are cut off from civilization! On the contrary, you will find a range of activities from the quaint to the quirky to the fun. This is Colorado, after all, where we take pride in having plenty of things to do, catering to all sorts of interests.

Hunting & Fishing:
Most of the amazing houses for sale in Calhan Co are near world class hunting and fishing. Rocky Mountain Roosters, a private pheasant preserve is a hunting club that offers a lodge experience. You may hunt pheasant, quail, or chukar with guides, or hunt alone with your own dogs. Or if you just need to practice perfecting your shot, you can stop by for clay target shooting.

There are also many creeks and reservoirs, such as Antelope Creek or Ramah Reservoir less than ten miles from downtown Calhan where you can fish for trout, bass, or pike. If you want the services of a guide then you can drive towards Colorado Springs and meet up with Angler’s Covey for an incredible fly fishing experience.

Family Activities:

For the family, fun involves some special activities suited for rural living. Wishing Star Farm offers an array of exciting things for kids, from their regular petting zoo, to their Fall Fest and Spring Fling. It’s a wonderful place for birthday parties and campfires. They also offer youth camps where children can learn proper horsemanship.

After you purchase one of the great homes for sale in Calhan Co you can make arrangements to visit Heritage Belle Farms where you can learn about responsible, sustainable farming. This small family farm has a passion for ethical ranching and will happily show you their farm where you can also visit their store to purchase Heritage Beef.

The adults in the family can visit Jaks Brewing in Peyton (although the kids can tag along with parents), a microbrewery that is family focused and offers a great atmosphere.

Of course, you can enjoy a relaxing day on the golf course at nearby Antler Creek Golf.

Nearby places:

The Calhan/Peyton area is close to Colorado Springs, a very family-friendly town with loads of things to do. Garden of the Gods is a spectacular spot for a hike with miles of trails to choose from as well as fascinating museum exhibits. The Broadmoor World Arena offers fun and reasonably priced Division I hockey games (for the nearby CC Tigers) as well as public skate time.

Nearby Colorado Springs is also home to tennis clubs and award-winning golf courses. If these activities are on your must-do list to de-stress, the drive is not too far away, and you’ll find the experience well worth the commute.

You will not be at a loss for things to do by moving to a smaller and more rural area. Your home will provide you with the peace and solitude you crave while offering access to many fun social events. When you decide to look at some of the homes for sale in Calhan Co, contact us so that we can find you the perfect property to meet your needs!