Find a Perfect Home for Sale in Divide Co and Experience Life on a Mountain Slope:
Twenty-five miles west of Colorado Springs and up the north slope of Pikes Peak, you will find beautiful houses for sale in the town of Divide, Colorado. Named for where the Arkansas and South Platte rivers divide, this quaint town offers peaceful and beautiful mountain life away from any city bustle a few thousand feet below.

You will find gorgeous mountain homes for sale in Divide Co with plots of land ranging from one to six acres. In rural areas, you may find that larger plots of land allow you to expand your domain to fit your needs better: more garage space or perhaps more interior space. You can also construct additional edifices on your land: a barn, a shed, or even a guest house. Such open space like this is perfect for the family that wishes to create their own mountain life experience.

Divide, Colorado has a town center where you will find access to fuel, groceries, and basic shopping items. It is also less than a ten-minute drive from nearby Woodland Park where there are even more choices. The homes for sale in Divide Co are part of a growing community so expect the consumer options to expand with the town.

Since you are looking for a home in Colorado, we know that adventures are something near and dear to your heart. All the homes for sale in Divide Co are near many great hunting, fishing, ATV rental, horseback riding and mountain biking spots, including:

KB Outdoors offers elk and deer hunting on private land in the area with quality guide services. Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides basic classes with their Hunter Outreach Program, required for anyone who wants a hunting license in the state. Special classes tailored for women and youth also exist.

Nearby Woodland Park offers excellent fly fishing services with The Peak Fly Shop and South Platte Fly Shop. Both offer top quality equipment and guide services. Be warned: fly fishing may become your newest obsession, particularly when you have access to beautiful, pristine rivers filled with huge trout.

ATV Rental:
Above The Clouds ATV rental is located in Divide and offers year-round rentals. Take an ATV out onto the Rule Ridge Trailhead and experience the mountains like never before.

Horseback Riding:
You will find the Historic Triple B Ranch in Woodland Park where you can rent horses by the hour to experience the nearby trails. Choose a horse based on your experience level: beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders all have horses to choose from. The ranch also has a petting zoo for a day of fun. It is also available for weddings and parties. Open all year round, you may find that the mountains on horseback provides solitude like nothing else.

Mountain Biking:
You will find some outstanding biking trails nearby in the Woodland Park area. The Aspen Valley Ranch trail as well as the Catamount Ranch trail are highly rated and can provide days of fun and challenging terrain for those of you who need two wheels beneath you.

Mueller State Park:
This state park has over fifty miles of scenic trails where you can cycle, hike, bird-watch, snowshoe, or just gaze at the aspens and conifers. There are camp grounds available with laundry facilities and a gift shop, as well as onsite lodging. Whether it is a family picnic or a weekend of solitude, Mueller State Park is a hidden gem among Colorado getaways.

To find your dream mountain home for sale in Divide Co, contact us so we can begin looking today!