Old Colorado City

Why to Look at Homes for Sale In Old Colorado City:
Old Colorado City is a town of about 4,330 people located in one of the oldest civilized parts of Colorado. The town is located on the West side of Colorado Springs. Moreover, it’s full of history, quaint little villages, and shopping attractions that tell the history of the area better than few other places in Colorado. There are also plenty of seasonal attractions that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.The area also offers the incredible scenery of the Pikes Peak region and the amazing surrounding area.

Old Colorado City/Pikes Peak History:
Old Colorado City was originally slated to be the capital of the state of Colorado. Today, Old Colorado City was a national historic district of Colorado. The city runs between the areas from US Highway 24 (south) to 32nd street (west), 13th street (east), and Uintah Street (north) with a town center that has been restructured and renamed Bancroft Park. The city was found all the way back on May 22nd, 1859 under the name Colorado City, and it was later renamed Old Colorado City as it’s the oldest founding city in Colorado that is still in existence today.

Old Colorado City Home Values:
The homes for sale in 80904 are located in upper-middle-class communities where the median home value runs at $225,000 with predictions that the value will rise about 4.5% in the coming year. The average household income is $42,010 annually.

Old Colorado City Schools:
The homes for sale in Old Colorado City are near great schools, including five primary and secondary schools. The schools are part of the Colorado Springs School District 11. The neighboring Cheyenne Mountain School District12 provides the area’s high schools (Grades 9-12). Among the schools that are available in the local district are the Bristol County Elementary School (K through 5), Midland Elementary School (K through 5), and Buena Vista Elementary School (K-8) as well as the Western Integrational Center (Grades 6-8) to name a few. These schools average a great student to teacher ratio of between 13 -15 students to every 1 teacher.

Old Colorado City Attractions:
The homes for sale in Old Colorado City are near some of the most renown activities for residents and tourists in all of Colorado. As there are plenty of activities both indoor and out to please everyone, this makes Old Colorado City an ideal place to explore the history of Colorado as the oldest established city in the state. Some of the local attractions include the following:

Bancroft Park:
Bancroft Park is a great outdoor amphitheater-style concert venue that hosts all kinds of concerts throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall months. When it’s not hosting concerts activities like local food and art exhibits are put on display at the facility as well. This is sure to be an attraction that pleases both locals and visitors alike and has some events that everyone from hard rock music fans to country music fans or art and food aficionados can enjoy.

Magic Town:
Magic Town is a local art exhibition and displays that feature work from local artists done as a miniature town of what Colorado City looked like upon its founding and the changes it’s undergone since its founding to how it looks today. It’s a quaint little museum that is a great place to bring guests when they come into town, and something locals can enjoy as well. It tells the history of Colorado City well and explains how things got to where they are today. It’s a story of local history as well as of the history of the oldest city in all of Colorado.

Old Colorado City History Museum:
The Old Colorado City History Museum was founded and is run by the Old Colorado City History Society. The museum opened in 1976 with the goal of preserving the rich history of Colorado City since its founding all the way back in 1859.Events throughout the year help locals and visitors learn the history of the oldest city in Colorado as everyone can explore the communities, homes, workplaces, and history of the area all way from 1859 to today.

Cave of the Woods:
The Cave of the Woods is a historic wooded area located near the Manitou Cliff Dwellings and tours of the caves are provided to both locals and visitors on a daily basis. There are also deep, historic caves nearby that are included in the tour. These caves were discovered in 1884 and have been attracting visitors as a tourist attraction for decades since they were opened as a local attraction in the 1980s.

All the homes for sale in Old Colorado City are great places to live with affordable housing options to suit every budget and to enjoy the history of Colorado and to experience the oldest, longest standing city in Colorado State’s history. Enjoy the rich history and the quaint, rustic area of modern-day Colorado Springs by finding the perfect home for sale in 80904.

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