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Does Colorado Springs rank well nationally?

Actually, Colorado Springs ranks extremely well! They rank as follows, according to the Colorado Springs Vacation and Tourism:
No. 1 U.S. News & World Report, “Most Desirable Place to Live”
No. 1 Money Magazine, “Best Big City to Live In”
No. 1 Outside Magazine, “Best Town”
No. 1 Forbes, “America’s Most Pet-Friendly City”
No. 1 Men’s Health, “Best Cities for Dogs”
No. 1 “Most Caring City”
No. 1 “Santa’s Top 10 Favorite Cities”
No. 2 Livability, “Pet Cities”
No. 2 Men’s Fitness, “Fittest City in America”
No. 2 Women’s Health, “The Best Places to Live for Women”
No. 2, “Cities of Conventional Wisdom”
No. 2 Livability, “Cities for Veterans”
No. 2, “Safest City in the United States”
No. 3 Hellawella, “Fitness-Focused Cities”
No. 3 Men’s Fitness, “Top Sports Town”
No. 3 Car and Driver, “Top 10 Best Driver’s Cities”
No. 3 Earth Day Network, “Best Places to Live”
No. 3 FedSmith, “Best Southwest City for Defense Jobs”
No. 4 Thumbtack, “Most Business-Friendly City”
No. 4, “Most Affordable City”
No. 4 Frommer’s Travel Guide, “Cities Ranked and Rated”
No. 5 U.S. News & World Report, “Top Places to Live”

Additionally, we are ranked #8 in the Nation by Resonance Consulting. Resonance ranks cities on 23 factors including Place, Promotion, Product, Programming, People and Prosperity. Resonance called Colorado Springs, “a wonderland for those who love the outdoors”. It also recognized our growing culinary scene especially downtown. For the full report, visit: Report.pdf

This is just a PARTIAL list of rankings. There are 21 MORE rankings in the TOP 10 for the NATION!

Thinking of relocating here? You will love it! Give us a call. I have lived in Colorado most of my life, and I live here because I like it here! Looking at these ratings, so do a lot of other people!

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