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If you are looking to sell a home in Colorado Springs, the process can seem incredibly overwhelming; Larry Emerson, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Properties, Inc. can expertly guide you through the process and deliver amazing results for quickly selling your home.

...but Why choose a real estate agent if you can go “FSBO”?

When selling your home, you may consider the route of “FSBO,” or for sale by owner.
Perhaps, in fact, you have gone this route and found the process to be confusing, scary, or all-around ineffective. Having an agent that understands multiple aspects of the residential real estate market can be absolutely invaluable to your success in selling a home. Plus, having an agent who is established within the community and working with the reputable name of RE/MAX Properties, Inc., it is a greater guarantee of a successful sale where all parties leave the closing table happy.

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how to get the most money when selling your home

Understanding the local market can have a huge impact on pricing your home to get the most money with the least amount of time on the market. Having a qualified, knowledgeably and savvy real estate agent can help navigating the local market much easier. The market can change, and professional Colorado Springs agents will be prepared to react to the change. Larry Emerson, a seasoned real estate agent of over three decades, has seen the changing residential market in the Pikes Peak Region and understands how to plan for a home sale no matter what the local “real estate weather” might be.

When is it the right time to sell? When do people most want to buy a home? Sometimes you may not have a whole lot of choice in the matter, but when considering whether or not now is the right time to sell your home, speaking with Larry to determine the variable factors of listing a home can be extremely helpful.

Spring can be a good time to list a home for sale; warm weather makes people more likely to do the footwork of house-hunting. Other factors that may influence Spring to be the best time of year to sell include the end of the school year and the approach of warm summer days to transition and acclimate to a new home and neighborhood. The downside of listing a home in Spring is that the competition increases dramatically, so you will be competing in the marketplace with other motivated sellers. In winter, there are few homes on the market, the number of showings will decrease, but the buyers are motivated to buy!

Trying to analyze the market and searching for the perfect time to sell could drive a person crazy; that’s why contacting Larry Emerson can bring you peace of mind as you begin the process of selling your home. He can tailor a market plan to adapt to the current market and time of the year.

Finding the right price to list your home for sale depends on the current market and your home’s Comparative Market Analysis provided by Larry. There are many factors to discuss related to finding the right price point to attract offers. Overpricing a home can lead to disaster – months on the market, only to have to drop the price later on. Often, homes sell for less after overpricing than if it priced right initially. Also, underpricing a home will attract offers very quickly, but you could be losing money that is rightfully yours. To correctly price a home, contact Larry.

Be prepared for certain costs associated with selling your home. Typically, the seller pays the commission both for the listing/marketing side of the transaction and the buying side (the agent that brings an offer). Commissions are negotiable, but usually run 3% of the sales price for the listing/marketing side, and 2-4% for the buying side. Additionally, the seller will have to pay some closing costs for title insurance (to prove that there are no liens, judgements, etc. on the property), and doc and recording fees, plus half the title company closing fee.

In a buyer’s market (slow selling market that favors buyers), often the seller will need to pay for some of the buyer’s closing costs, often several thousand dollars. In a seller’s market, (homes selling quickly at or above asking price), generally no seller concessions are needed to sell you home.

Beyond the typical selling-process costs, it is a good idea to prepare to set aside some money for possible home improvements and services to help the sale of your home happen quickly and at the top sales price imaginable. These sorts of costs could include:

  • Staging the home for sale. Staged homes sell for more.
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping – curb appeal makes an impact.
  • Professional House Cleaning – buyers take notice, and clean homes sell faster.
  • Interior Painting – neutral colors are best for selling your home.
  • Other repairs recommended by Larry. His contracting experience pays off!

Larry Emerson can help you strategize and plan how you will sell your home. Evaluating the market and planning services such as staging or a thorough professional cleaning can all be a part of that strategy. Larry will discuss the current market, the process, and help you understand the plan—all things that can significantly calm your nerves. Call our office to set up a consultation. There is no obligation, and no cost to you for the evaluation and information. Larry’s 31+ years of professional service will make the process seamless and with the least hassle to you!

When you team up with Larry, part of the strategy you will follow might involve making improvements to maximize the value of your home. Larry’s team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the cost of repairs, minor renovations, and improvements vs. what the average return will be after the final sale. It is always good to get your house in tip top shape when putting it on the market, and a qualified, experienced team like Larry Emerson’s can make a world of difference in efficiently advising you which improvements, if any, will maximize your return. Larry has a formula for which improvements make sense, and those that do not. Years of construction experience, and a reliable list of contractors to do any required work, will help get you the most money for your home!

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what does the home-selling process look like?

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Larry Emerson’s qualified team will implement the plan immediately to maximize your home’s visibility as being For Sale. The RE/MAX Properties, Inc. yard sign will adorn your home’s curb appeal, and Larry’s team will also ensure your home listing has a web presence and communicating the availability of your home to other agents. The RE/MAX brand is the most recognized real estate sign in the world. No one sells more homes than RE/MAX! Today, over 90% of buyers will start their search for a home online! Many, especially millennials and younger buyers, will go on Social Media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter for information. They might go on the local County Records to get information on homes. They visit the Chamber of Commerce online, and many other online sources. For this reason, Larry’s team gets the word out online, starting with RE/, which then syndicates with over 200 home websites! That’s marketing power!


It is a proven fact that “staged” homes sell for more money. Why do you think that new model homes spend thousands of dollars to show their homes as warm, comfortable places to live? It is because it WORKS! Some homes don’t need staging. Some just need to declutter, rearrange, and move furniture to storage. Others would benefit from professional staging services. It is a small price to pay to get top dollar for your home. Larry will advise you if staging might be a good option for you.


Your experienced Real Estate Agent will be able to find the best number for the most promising outcome. Larry Emerson’s team utilizes tools and knowledge unique to the real estate industry to compile Comparative Market Analysis, and further adjust the numbers to account for current market trends, and other unique factors to your home and neighborhood.


When it’s all said and done, you—as the home seller—will be eager to review any and all offers, then, with advice from Larry, counter the offer, accept the offer, or reject the offer. A common misperception is that once you have an accepted offer, you just wait until closing. Actually, Larry’s work has just begun! We still have to get through inspection(s), negotiate repairs /credits, an appraisal to verify the value of the sale for the lender, and getting loan approval. The closing is typically done by a title company selected by the seller. The title company prepares all the documents to transfer title from the seller to the buyer. They verify identities, all the paperwork gets signed, and then congratulations are in order! You just sold your house!! Larry makes every effort to ensure that all parties are happy and satisfied with the closing. A closing is more than just exchanging keys and paperwork. Sellers have many memories of their home, so closing on their home means “on to the next step”.

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